Tour Reportage

Through the mountain world of the northwest of Gran Canaria.

a ride through the regional versatility of Gran Canaria

::The LasPalmas24.com team avoids no efforts in search of new and interesting subjects and takes out for them and under profesioneller guidance of the manager of the German motorcycle rental company Casa Moto Canarias, Andreas Pudenz, in the northwest mountain world of Gran Canaria.

Within less hours and in the exchange some euro one can get to know with Andreas many faces of the island and the life off everyday life in reading Palmas and the mass tourism in the south of the island: from the fishing village of Agaete it goes past Steilküsten, fertile valleys, lonesome beaches, banana plantations and tomato plantations, vantage points, restaurants with local and performable food, the blue rocks of "Azulejos", endless pine woods, reservoirs, nearly 2000
m high Hills as the "Roque Ben Taiga" or the "Roque Nublo", lonesome mountain villages and fertile, oases-like gardens.

Starting point of the tour is Agaete, a small, original little village in the northwest of the island, about 25 autominutes from Las Palmas. Here is the seat of the motorcycle rental company Casa Moto Canarias which is achievement relation a true confidential tip under the motorcycle rental companies of the island in punkto price. In the morning the adventure already begins around 10h, because one on account of the length of the distance and the numerous places of interest, bars and restaurant which lie on her way, one should plan a whole day trip.

We leave Agaete over the country road GC-200 in the direction of San Nicolás and immediately the precipitous and winding rise to among motorcycle experts worldwide as an "Anden-Verde" begins known distance. Andreas as a local-expert "guide" (he already lives for 6 years on grain Canaria) cannot go out on the tiles with the distance choice really. 

The eye leaves the look at the street over and over again, because what happens on the left and on the right from her is an adrenalin-loaded Augenschmauß. This street was sprinkled in the most true sense of the word in the rock of the Steilküste up to 800-metre-high which drop to our rights vertically to the sea. To our lefts rise to caves put through vertical rocks would wind, on summit isolated pines like monuments of the past of the pre hispanic time of the island.

With the people who drive the first spot this tour Andreas holds the tempo consciously slow, because he knows, " ... that with the Andes Verde-Debutanten a part attention and concentration of the street to the imposing scenery gets lost. "

Adrenalin junkies can keep to the right street edge secured thank God with a guide bar, and the feeling enjoy of the 32-km-long and with precisely 274 curves sweetened distance "Anden Verde" to fly formally along. These Steilhänge only are interrupted by few "Barrancos" (=Flussbetten) which have torn the coming rivers in the course of the millenniums in the rock from the inland. To bend the first possibility by the motorcycle in one of these valleys, offers of the Barranco Guayedra. In the direction of west one can throw from here the first, breathtaking look along the Steilküste. In the direction of east one looks at the harbour place Puerto de Nieves, before gates read him worldwide to itself once.

However, a few years ago this stone finger was broken by a God-blaspheming storm and since then the place of his biggest Sehenswürdigkeite is robbed. At the end of the Barrancos there are deserted, black sandy beaches. A true confidential tip. However, to create the distance during one day, unfortunately, we have to go further and can grant to us here no bath.

The first break becomes in the "Perdomo", one of the numerous restaurants and snack booths which wait along our distance for solvent bikers. inlaidly. Before this favorable and easy bar which lies in the valley "Barranco Risco" locals as well as foreign motorcyclists appear, around the imposing impressions which they experienced before in the Steilküste to exchange with luminous eyes. Who has time, can turn directly at the bar into the riverbed and of her dusty road follow down to the beach of El Risco.

From here the street of the sea level rises again about dozens curves precipitously till one to itself within less minutes suddenly again on a sea height of 600 metres considers. Nice slowly one gets used to the endless, narrow curves and starts to enjoy this. The clutch around the driver is dared more laxly and one to lie to itself with the time more and more at an angle in the curves. In view of the endless curves almost the danger exists to go to ruin in a meditative state, what one, however should prevent.

The street is narrow and there are only few possibilities to stop. Andreas knows the best places to enjoy the schwindelerrengenden view along the Steilküste and thus one can make sure that one also misses as a local-ignorant nothing. The most spectacular vantage point is probably of the Mirador del Balcon which is shortly before the departure in the valley "Barranco de la Aldea". Here already lies the next rennet station in which, above all, liquids can be filled up.

Here we leave the Steilküste and drive in the valley of San Nicolás which looks from here on top as if had landed in white spaceships gigantic in him. Nevertheless, the spaceships turn out 10 minutes later than almost endless tomato plantations and banana plantations which cover almost the whole valley. In San Nicolás one would have the possibility to do an excursion to the wonderful stone beach of the harbour. Here there are also countless Stonegrills, benches and tables in one Pinewood directly at the beach, inviting for a break.

Nevertheless, we further have to go, because it still lies a lot before us...

From San Nicolás gehts again precipitously upward about GC-200 further up to the next vantage point called Mirador del Tasartico at 642-metre height. The looks above the valley of San Nicolás on one side, and the Barranco de Mogán on the others, let to eyes and mouth again some minutes be open. The parking bay and the Imbisstation of the vantage point are a popular meeting place of whole "biker's hordes" which gather here to start around partial unfortunately right runnings in the direction of Mogán. One must calculate, above all, on the week-ends on the fact that such maniac snaps in suicidal sloping position around an unüber-visible curve. Best of all keep always completely on the right and for these few freaks show initiative.

We leave the vantage point and then ride down to it in the Barranco de Mogan, still along the GC 200 and passed the blue gleaming rocks called "Azulejos". Meanwhile it is 13h30 - we already are on the move more than 3 hours and the stomach starts to growl so loud that he drowns nearly the engine noises to. When Andreas realizes our famines, after few minutes in the really recommendable restaurant "Las Canadas", from one can throw a wonderful look about the Barranco de Moya. Beside good food (recommendable the meat courses) for moderate prices this restaurant still offers a small agricultural museum and one with Leguans, Lizards and Tortugas occupied mini-zoo.

We go on with full stomachs. After only few minutes we leave the GC 200 which has performed till present so loyal services to us and turn in confines, to itself, nevertheless, in good state considering GC-601 which leads reservoirs just precipitously climbing up in the national park and to itself there in located pinewoods in the midst of endless reservoir lakes.

The scenery becomes increasingly "more green" till one suddenly in a thick and at least about 900 metres high situated pine wood finds again. Another height point is the hold between both reservoirs Presa del Mulato and Cueva de loose Ninos. In zweiteren the street goes directly and who has time, desire and hunger, his steak on the Steingriller provided the general public can throw here. Austrians can feel moved at this place fast to an Alpine lake of her native country. Because we have, however, no desire for homesickness, gehts schurstracks further in the direction of the next height point:

On this occasion, it concerns around on a sea height of 1,600 metres of situated mountain village of Ayacta on the foot of the landmark of the island, to 1,900-metre-high Roque Nublo (=der cloud rocks).

This infinite active, furrowed mountainous country takes away in his beauty almost from every description. In this produced idyl hangs first like a Fatamorgana active, the one or other mountain village in the rock. On our tour we happen with Tejeda, the already mentioned Ayacata and Artenara, to the highly situated village of the island (1,468 metres), only some to many, remote mountain villages of this area.

From Artenara we enjoy the dreamlike and almost irrealistisch nice look about itself in the light of the sundown to lighting tones of the jagged and wild scenery from brown-black lava rock. The extra sweater which led a pointless existence till present in the luggage suitcase is slipped over, because up here it can become really fresh (for Canary relations).

Now in the reddish evening light it goes through gentler and fertile area on our last stage in the direction of our source place Agaete. Meanwhile, after more than 5h journey more fully of unforgettable impressions, one has almost melted by the motorcycle and begins to control better and better the device, above all, in the curves. While the sun like a red fireball in the Atlantic sinks, unfortunately, this dreamlike tour leans towards to it’s end.

Remaining is a big feeling of happiness and the contentment to have experienced a really special day which one will never forget certainly.




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