Tours :

We have come along it to the task to offer the best of Gran Canaria within one week, the best places, views, the best streets, for inquiry and with special approval also Offroad, where, otherwise, nobody is allowed to ride, the best Fiestas, the good accommodation, very briefly, during one week the top ten to the island, if requested also weekly tours. For the quite hard also as a round trip without regulated stay and with land-usual care in motels or also on famous camp places around a evening campfire.

On the island of the everlasting spring everything is open, the weather seldom really rebarbative, and the dishes and drinks still mostly from the finest.

Have a look at the single distances and decide themselves on the tour of Your famous taste! On the other hand, we can recommend You the best tours, according to weather condition.

We offer to You everything that the island has and what you may stand, however, the tours will weight strengths / weaknesses after Your individual interest position.

In the end, they should remain unforgettable to You.

We lead only small groups to max. 6 people, also restricted by the number of the machines. After an introduction and security training you get the machines of course also at the free possession.

We personally like to go the “Anden Verde” in different combinations like “Tour de Aguas” or “Tour de Tamadaba” .     Really original, unspoilt people, good food and drinking for fair prices, brilliant sceneries and views, immense natural and cultural monuments.

In good weather the “Tour de Cuevas del Rey”, the absolute highlight is very nice, always in the ridge, with only good all-round view, but is difficult and long.

And not to forget, we should always take towel and bath dress, because on the way there is always an opportunity to refresh iourselfs on Atlantic dream beaches or in the quiet, cool reservoir lakes and bath lakes in the mountains.

Culinary highlights lie on all our ways to get to know opportunities, the Canary kitchen, here there is everywhere and we will stop in the best bars. Here booking Boccadillos with tuna or small lusciousness, there is everywhere, fresh fruit cocktails or we receive many coffee combinations the whole day, between 14.00 o'clock and 16.00 o'clock is Tapa time, there are enough everywhere freshly prepared snacks.