About us :


Andreas Pudenz, 64 Years, Taurus, Professional as Town-Officer, Nurse for Elder people and Systems-Analytics, has now decided to have more fun and given up his Job for new Opportunities.

Is Riding on all thinkable different Bikes through Europe und Asia, Built up his own style of a Harley, loves to ride BMW and Yamaha XT On- and Offroad here on Gran Canaria !

Experienced Sport-Skipper, Sailor with Radio-Certificate and all international licences.

PADI-Instructor Nr. 947 966, likes to Dive extensive wrecks on all this World, now partied on nearly 1000 Dives.


Rosita Bacher, 64 Years, Fish, younger Outfit, Dental-technics and teaching dental lab manager.

Her favorite is to ride Suzuki SV 650 S on winding Roads in the Alps and ride as Sozia on Gran Canaria.

Experienced Skipper and Radio-certificated with Speciality on Katamarans.

Padi-Instructor Nr. 947 975, Aegypt-Experience.

Spanish language is her new Hobby.